Trouble In Paradise? You May Be Heading For a Breakup

Being in love can sometimes seem like the most important thing in the world, but honestly, sometimes it’s more important to take a step back and admit that something just isn’t right. Will things go back to normal with just a little work? Or is it time you called it a day?

You Dread Seeing Them

Do you have to psych yourself up before you set foot in the house again? If this feeling of dread to see your partner happens more often than not, it’s clearly time to ditch them fast!

You’re Stuck In The Past

If you find yourself worrying about leaving your partner because things *used* to be good – but things haven’t been for a while – it’s time to say goodbye. Are you living in “Could’ve, Should’ve, Would’ve” or in the real world?

You Hide Your Boyfriend Or Girlfriendcouple-3

Let’s face it – we’re not blind, and we do find other people attractive. However, if you find yourself actively hiding your s/o from new people, you’re probably about done.

You Simply Hate Them

Seriously… you know your mother taught you “if you can’t say anything nice, don’t say anything at all”, well, this applies to your partner. If you can’t stand them, it’s a no brainer. And no, you shouldn’t feel that way.

You Want Different Thingscouple-4

Sometimes in life, we all head off in opposite directions. When this is happening time and time again with your partner, it’s a clear red flag that things aren’t meant to be.

The Trust Has Gonecouple-6

Spying on your partner? Eeek! Abort mission, immediately. If you feel the need to go through their phone, things just aren’t right. Worst case: they’re cheating. Best case: you’re too paranoid. And neither one is right.

It’s On And Offcouple-13

If you’re making everyone dizzy with your ridiculous on-again-off-again drama, you need to get a grip. Nine times out of ten, people break up for a reason. This isn’t a sitcom, so make up your mind!

You’re Treading On Eggshells

Suddenly having to watch every little move you make in case it upsets your partner? There’s a chance it’s already over in their mind. Talk to them to find out what’s going on!

You See No Futurecouple-9

What’s stopping you from making those reservations two months from now? If you just can’t put a finger on it, it’s probably because you see this going nowhere.

You’re Not Having Sex

Damn, what’s the point in being together if you’re not even having sex? It might not seem like a big deal, but it brings you closer together. Without it, the intimacy is lost.

Too Many Compromisescouple-14

A relationship is all about give and take, but sometimes, it can seem like all we do is give. You’re allowed to have “deal breakers”, and if your partner doesn’t ever see things your way, what’s the point?

They Annoy Youcouple-15

Ever been out having fun and been irritated by something as simple as a text from your partner? It should be something that makes you happy, and if it doesn’t, perhaps it’s time for it to end.

You’re More Like Friendscouple-15

Hanging out instead of making out? If this is happening on the reg, the passion might be gone. Ask yourself – do you have a roommate or a relationship?!

Dating Is A Chorecouple-8

If you’re bored by even the mere thought of spending time with your so-called “loved one”, it’s probably about time that you re-evaluate your feelings. Why are you bored? Is this all there is? You know the answer.

You’re In Denialcouple-16

Reading this and find yourself rolling your eyes, feeling like it’s not as bad as it seems? When you can’t even be honest with yourself, that’s when you know deep down it isn’t working. Sometimes it’s best to just find a way to be honest with your partner, and yourself. What’s the point of living if you’re not going to live a happy life?