These Are All The Things I Want My Future Daughter To Know

Raising kids to be confident, kind, and contributing members of society is a difficult task, as any parent will tell you. Empowering daughters comes with its unique challenges, especially because you’re raising a girl, and that comes with extra responsibilities. As society changes so do boundaries and expectations. Girls don’t need to be agreeable or held up to impossible physical standards anymore, and there’s true power in freedom. No one needs to know this better than your daughter!

Stand Up For Yourself mother-1

Every girl should be taught to stand up to anyone who tries to put them down or take advantage of them. No one needs to be treated poorly, regardless if it’s by a friend, teacher, or lover. Teaching girls how to tell someone to take a hike when they’re being disrespected is definitely a life skill.

Invest In Yourself

Get a great haircut at a quality salon, buy an expensive pair of shoes that won’t fall apart in two weeks, go to the spa. Treat yourself well and don’t feel guilty about it. Investing in products and services that make you look and feel good will boost your confidence, so don’t be afraid to be happy, even if others call it “superficial.”

Ask Your Parents For Advice

A wise girl always knows she can go to her parents for help and advice. Don’t be too proud or embarrassed to confide in them, even if you feel at times they just don’t get it. Trust me, parents SO GET IT! They lived full lives and dealt with some real sh** before they became “mom and dad.”

Be Proud Of Your Body, Alwaysmother-4

Do you know how many women look back at their younger selves and wished they hadn’t spent so much time worrying about how big their thighs were or wished they had a prettier nose? That’s pure BS and it will get you nowhere. You are beautiful. Love every part of you.

Know Your Value

When it comes to sex, value yourself and your body. And no, I’m not just saying it. Your body IS a temple, and you get to decide who gets to enjoy it. Don’t give in to pressure or do something you’re not really into. You make your own choices, and deserve to be pleasured in any way that suits you.

Go Ahead, Indulge

There’s no need to save the good china for special occasions anymore, or only wear that expensive dress to a wedding. Scr*w the rules! The only thing that matters is here, today. So indulge, have your cake, and eat it too, unapologetically.

Know When To Let Go

It takes strength to know when something isn’t working, but you are strong. Be honest with yourself, and don’t make excuses to fit something or someone into your life that just doesn’t belong there. If you have a toxic friend, let them go. If your heart isn’t in your job, then it’s time to look elsewhere.

Have An Outfit That You Rock

Everyone should have a “World here I come” outfit. You know, one that makes you feel like a boss whenever you put it on. Whether it’s an LBD, power suit, or fave pair of jeans, keep it handy for those days you need to own the world.

Being Vulnerable Is Good

No good comes from hiding your emotions, so don’t be afraid to spill it out. Share your feelings without worrying how you’ll sound or what others will think of you. Scr*w them! You shouldn’t have to hide your true feelings just because someone else might feel a tad uncomfortable. We’re human, we cry, we bleed, we get uncomfortable.

Don’t Drink And Dialmother-9

This should be written in the ultimate breakup rule book. However badly your heart is broken or how many drinks you’ve had, do not pick up the phone and call your ex. It will not go the way you imagine and you’ll just end up regretting it later. Instead call a friend, cousin, or even your mom. Keep your dignity.

Go All In

No more excuses, you have it all to succeed so if you want to be a baller, then you have to play the game. You won’t get there if you only give it half. Go all in. Life is short and you should experience the pure joy of freely giving everything you’ve got—there’s no feeling like it in the world.

Try Not To Compare Yourself To Othersmother-12

Entrepreneur Sophia Amoruso once said “Don’t compare your hustle to their highlight reel.” What she meant was don’t compare where you are on your ladder of personal or professional achievements to someone else’s greatest success. It’s not going to make you feel good. Stay focused on your own strengths and wins because they’re the only ones that count.

Go Easy On Yourselfmother-13

Try not to be too hard on yourself, and I know this is probably the hardest thing for anyone. Don’t beat yourself up because you could’ve done better, or you should’ve said something else, or you wish you’d swiped left. Inhale, exhale, now go enjoy today, now. It’s only going to get better!

Own A Nice Piece Of Furniture

The day you’re able to afford a coffee table that isn’t from IKEA or the flea market is a day to celebrate. Being able to buy a quality piece of furniture is a shout-out to the world that you’re makin’ it, you’re levelin’ up. So spend the extra bucks, take care of it, and remember that you busted your butt off to get it, and enjoy how nicely it goes with the whole house.

Periods Suck

Having your period will never get easier or feel better. You’ll always be uncomfortable, bloated, and in pain for at least five days in a row, so find ways to make it bearable. Wear sweats, eat chocolate, watch movies—anything you want that’ll make you happier. But know that it’s simply there, forever. Better find a way to make peace with it!