15 Survival Tips For Today's Very Modern Dating Scene

Looking for a knight in shining armour to sweep you off your feet? If that’s the case, you’re probably on your smartphone right now, swiping left or right. Technology has not only changed the way we communicate but the way we seek out romance too. But that doesn’t necessarily make it any easier – or any safer! Here’s 15 tips for surviving today’s dating scene.

Ditch the Dodgy Sites

There are hundreds of dating sites out there, but not all of them are good. Dating sites that charge a fee and vet their users are your best bet – there aren’t many stalkers who will pay to stalk!

Get To Know Them

The more you chat, the more you know. Don’t be afraid to dig deep – if they’re genuine, they won’t mind sharing.

Get Googling

Google, Facebook, Instagram – check where your date-to-be has been before. I know it sounds a little stalkerish, but knowing is power! You can find out a surprising amount of information just by searching someone’s name!

Keep Your Privates Private

Asking for your number makes sense, but asking for personal information like your credit card details, where you work, and where your parents currently live should get those alarm bells ringing. Don’t give out anything that could be used against you.

Share It Arounddating-5

Don’t keep his number to yourself! Make sure a couple of friends or family members have it too so that they can keep track of him if anything goes awry.

Be a Tell-Taledating-6

Going on a date with that hot Tinder guy? Play it safe and tell a friend or family member where you’re going and what time you’ll be back – for obvious reasons!

Meet Him Around The Block

You have no idea if this date is going to work out – and if it doesn’t, do you really want him to know where you live? Meet him a safe distance away from your private abode before you have him knocking on your front door.

I’m Here, Mom…

No, it’s not being overly cautious, not in today’s world, at least! When you arrive at your arranged meeting place for that first date, text someone back home to let them know – it could be the wisest move you’ll ever make.

“Oh Sorry, I Have To Take This…”

Get someone to give you a ‘safe call’ during the date – just so they can check you’re OK. If your date is going well, it shouldn’t affect the mood.

Snap His Ridedating-10

Before getting into their car, go the extra mile and snap a quick shot of their license plate – when they’re not looking, of course! It might seem weird at the time, but it could prove a lifesaver if your date turns weird.

Sip Safely

We’ve all heard of cases in which someone has fallen victim to a drug slipped into their drink. Don’t let your drink out of your sight – and yes, that means taking it to the loo if you have to!

Hear Him Out

Talking online is one thing, but hearing someone’s voice on the phone can tell you a whole lot more about their age and personality. Chat on the phone before racing out to meet the ‘Man From The Net.’

Double-Date Delight

If meeting him alone still sounds a bit risky, take a friend! The added bonus is that the two of you can compare notes on him afterwards!

“Wanna hear how it went?”

Call a friend as soon as you get home from the date to let them know you’re safe. They’re probably dying to hear how it went anyway!

When In Doubt

The most obvious tip of all is also the most important: trust your instincts. If he seems dodgy, don’t go there. There are plenty more fish in the sea!